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Extreme Makeover: The Fic Edition
Where badfics come for a little help!
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2nd-Jul-2006 11:00 pm - Question for the masses...
pretty flowers
beautiful_spine has requested that fanficmakeover become an affiliate community of fic_doctor, a newly formed community which is dedicated to giving useful tutorials and assistance to people who might want help in improving their skills as a writer. They're quite small right now so I'm unsure as to how it will go but it sounds pormising. Instead of just making the decision myself, however, I felt it appropriate to leave the choice up to all of you.

Poll #761101 Affiliate or no?

Should we affiliate with fic_doctor?

1st-Jul-2006 10:06 am - Fanfiction Makeover 2
pretty flowers
We've been invited to perform another makeover! This fic is a oneshot from the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom. Assignments and instructions are below!

Title: Reading Between The Lines
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Location: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2954615/1/
Approximate Size: Oneshot, long
Author: TaShYrEi

Staff AssignmentsCollapse )
pretty flowers
fairest1 had a spectacular idea on how to help convey the idea of our community out there to the masses: banners. I love the idea and am rather good with photoshop so I can make banners and icons or whatnot rather easily however... I can barely draw stick figures. :|

So... I'd like to run a little contest so to say. If you have artistic ability and a little spare time within the next week please do us this favor and draw an image for our banner! It can be funny, serious, dramatic, whatever you feel best suits the image you have in your head. The theme should be makeovers so you can have any sort of image which combines a makeover and a fic. (An example I can think of would be like a person holding a paper in their hands, the fic, who is surrounded by staff holding either building tools or makeup... something like that maybe?) I'm sure that whatever you all come up with will be good and if we have more than one there will be a vote as to which we will use as our official image!
26th-Jun-2006 02:20 am - In for the long haul...
pretty flowers
Please bear with me as I gather my thoughts. I've just had a rather emotional day and my son's birthday is tomorrow so if I seem a little unclear I apologize ahead of time, I merely have a great deal on my mind.

I'd also like to make it a point that I tend to sound angry or mad when I'm not. I'm not mad or upset in the least so if anything sounds that way I really apologize ahead of time! *bows* (seriously I work on this and nothing changes. *weeps*)


It has been brought to my attention that there is some qualm about how this community is run. I expected that and am prepared to answer your questions so I will warn you now that this will be long.

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24th-Jun-2006 03:13 am - Fanfiction Makeover 1
pretty flowers
This project has been cancelled at the request of the author.
22nd-Jun-2006 08:23 am - Just a few things to note...
pretty flowers
Good morning!

As everyone should know this is day two of this community and today I'd like us to have a goal of getting at least one nomination within a week. If there are no nominations then this community holds no purpose. So please, if you're already a member and you know of a fic which is a could-have-been that you think really needs a makeover try to take the time to nominate it. (Or if you know of someone who may have a fic they'd nominate, encourage them to join and do so!)

Certain staff positions no longer available & more....Collapse )
21st-Jun-2006 05:18 pm - Announcements and Questions!
pretty flowers
First off, thanks to all those who've joined the comm!

Also... since we've only just begun if you could all try to pimp the comm out and try and get word of mouth to work for us, that'd be awesome.

Ah! If you have any suggestions please don't hesistate to say so! I'm all ears. :D
21st-Jun-2006 04:57 pm - Categorical Staff Listing:
pretty flowers
Due to the nature of the sheer number of fandoms available all Categorical Staff shall be listed here in alphabetical order by fandom. If you have a question regarding that fandom they would be the ones to ask.

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21st-Jun-2006 03:05 pm - Nomination
pretty flowers
To nominate a fic is easy.

All you have to do is give us the following information:

Location: (Link us to the fic!)
Approximate Size: (Is it a one shot, drabble, or over five chapters?)
Why you feel this fic is makeover worthy:

Remember that just because you nominate a fic does not mean we will perform the makeover. The author of the fic must approve the process before we will attempt to do this and there must be staff on hand available to take on the task. (We are only human beings, after all.)

You may nominate your own fics but this is not recommended. We are not a beta service. Abuse of the comm will result in blacklisting.

Comments are not screened.
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